Our vision is to create opportunities for students with exceptional needs. The purpose of PASEN is to impact the lives of students with exceptional needs and help them succeed by creating educational opportunities through the use of online training, school-choice programs, and low-cost advocacy services.

PASEN’s mission as a 501(c)3 charity is to provide education, low-cost services, and support to families with exceptional students (gifted, 2E, and learning challenges) from preschool to adulthood.


I just wanted to give a HUGE shout-out to Jackie & Michelle from PASEN. Both have been with me since the start of my CSE process. Michelle did a full review of all the school’s evals & what wonderful insight she brought to those tricky numbers! Jackie is my meeting advocate & together we kicked some butt yesterday during the meeting. It wasn’t showboating, yet calm, informative & by the book. Our school is not one to understand the laws re: Special Ed, so Jackie & I, schooled them! Out of the 6 of them & the 2 of us, let me be the first to confirm….persistence & research pays off!!! I pre-studied some rules/laws, asked valid questions, raised valid points & Jackie made sure they understood…they MUST follow the laws. We had solid data to prove my 2e son does qualify for an IEP & services. So, they were forced to reconvene & continue the meeting…because the chairperson hadn’t a single clue along w/the others! I have no doubt that although the school has beaten me in a couple of battles in prior years (son denied IEP -pre=advocacy), they will NOT win the war! Thank you PASEN for you professionalism, dedication & knowledge to help parents of deserving children, get what they need!!! (BTW…this is the BEST birthday present ever Jackie!) 🥰 **If you haven’t found advocacy yet, I highly recommend you hire these two amazing ladies!

Kathy B.

Michelle and the group she has put together has been a Godsend for my family. There is such a need for her straightforward approach to advocacy and I am grateful she allowed me to nudge her into taking the leap in creating this tool for parents. It is quite incredible how quickly you get information no matter what state you are in! The information provided is second to none. My two children would not be where they are in if not for this group!
Flo E

PASEN has done an awesome job of answering my burning questions about advocating for my children properly. Many, many questions about legalities of IEP and 504, both in private setting and public. State specific questions. Scholarship questions. Low incidence disabilities questions. PASEN also has a nice private paid forum off of Facebook with great blog articles and easy to search keywords.
Elizabeth B.

I was concerned about my daughter’s safety at school. They helped draft an email. Also gave information on how to work with my daughter’s team.
Now my daughter is getting the services she needs. I feel like we are all working on the same team.
Thank you so much!!
Ziggy C.

Amazing people with their heart in the right place.
Alyea P

I love the resources available on this site!! The advice and assistance provided by Michelle at PASEN has been invaluable. Her fact based data and knowledge has made my life a lot brighter with hope!! I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, finally! I wish I had found her sooner! I would, without a doubt, refer this organization! Affordable, knowledgeable and understanding of whatever the circumstance may be! I would even go as far as to say, I have a new friend. Thank you Michelle, for everything!
Kellie R.

I truly appreciate this group. I have gotten so much helpful information in the few weeks since I have joined. If it were not for this group I would not have had the knowledge and courage and statistics I took with me to my child’s meeting. I love that because of this group I was able to stand up for myself and my child. I am going to become a member so I can continue to learn more and be a more knowledgeable person and not have to rely on others and spend a fortune on an advocate when I can spend a little and advocate for myself. Please keep up the great work you are doing, you are very much appreciated😍 Knowledge is power and you help give us power by giving us the knowledge we need in a much easier way.
Natalie M.

Throughout this journey through the IEP process and advocating for my daughter, PASEN has been amazing in providing information and advice and cares about the families who ask questions and need resources. They provide affordable advocacy services.
I am personally thankful to have found this platform for support.
Sarah C.

Very helpful. Quickly answered my question and gave advice that helped. Very thankful for the help in navigating this
Jo Ann H.

Awesome group of people that are very helpful with questions and getting you the answers you need for your children !
Tara L

An amazing group that assist hundreds of people for FREE. They really don’t have to offer this exceptional benefit just for simply liking a page. This page is an asset that is invaluable to us who fight to get our kids what they deserve so they can get an equitable education to their peers.
Hilary B.

Both of my boys have struggled in school since kindergarten. As they grew older it was evident that they needed support. I did not know how to get them help. I talked to teachers and principals. I asked for evaluations and opinions. Alls I ever got was “they will grow out of it.” Or “let us try this first.” My boys were being put on a dusty shelf and I didn’t know how to stop it. I will never forget my first week in this group. I found out about the written request for an evaluation and all the rights and laws I had no idea existed. After my anger at the school settled down a little, I got to work taking notes on the videos that Michelle would do and looking through all the vast information that has been painstakingly put onto this page. Michelle has done a ton of research and has organized the information so that it’s easy to understand and follow. I have spent hours on this page. It is well managed, full of information and run by people who are really in it to help parents become advocates for their kids. They want To help us learn to navigate this crazy alien world of special education. There were even things that were pointed out to me that I didn’t realize my son was struggling with, which lead to my 11 year olds diagnosis of ASD. This group is life changing. Both kids are making huge strides in school now. My oldest has an IEP, but, he is also on the student council because he has gained confidence in himself and finding success with in the school system. Anxieties are starting to go down and learning is starting to happen. They are finally accessing the education being provided. It’s been life changing. I don’t even want to think about where we would be right now with out this group. In fact I want to pay it forward and help others like I have been helped. If you’re looking for a group to help you with the special education world, here it is.
Karina C.

Excellent help with explaining how COVID impacts our current 504!
Aja H.

This has been such a great resource! PASEN empowers parents to advocate for their children with confidence.
Amber O.

Very knowledgeable and helpful. Prompt whenever support is needed. PASEN truly seems to want to help other’s and never makes you feel like you are helpless or at other people’s mercy. If you have questions or need help navigating the special education system, you’ve come to the right place so be confident when choosing your membership with PASEN…..become the greatest advocate you can be for your loved one(s) with exceptional needs!
Jennifer W.

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