FAQs About Advocacy
What is a typical process for a new client?

Once you fill out a New Client Intake Form, you may be contacted by an advocate depending on how detailed you are on your Intake form. If you have not supplied any documentation for review, our advocate will contact you about what your situation is. You may be contacted by phone or email. If you have not heard from anyone within 24 hours, check the spam folder of your email account. Records review is typically 2-5 hours depending on how many documents there are. 

Once an advocate determines that you do need services, they will contact the billing department so that an invoice can be created based on the services you need. If you choose not to be a member of PASEN, our billing department will create an invoice for $125/hour regardless of the type of service. If you are a bronze member, you will be charged $35/hour for all bronze-level services, but you will be charged $125/hour for any other services. If you are a silver member, you will be charged $35/hour for bronze-level services and $60/hour for silver-level services.

All services must be paid before work can be completed, so if the client has records to review, the advocate will determine how long they anticipate it will take to review the records and bill accordingly.

Once payment has been made, the advocate will contact the client to discuss the findings and consider next steps.

The invoice MUST BE PAID AT LEAST 24 hours BEFORE the meeting for the advocate to attend. If the invoice is not paid 24 hours prior, PASEN will assume you no longer require an advocate to attend.

Your membership is active for one year, so if the meeting is rescheduled or you need an advocate for a future meeting, the same price will be offered until your membership expires or you renew. Memberships DO NOT automatically renew.

If the advocate determines that a complaint needs to be filed with the state department of education or with the Office of Civil Rights, the advocate will charge the same rate as attending a meeting. Typically it takes our advocates 2-3 hours to write a state complaint.

Once the invoice is paid, the advocate will begin writing the complaint and will send the final complaint to the client for final review. Our advocate will explain the steps for filing the complaint, and the client is responsible for submitting the complaint to the appropriate agency. 

I just purchased a membership. Why am I getting an invoice for services?

Membership gives you the ability to receive services at a reduced rate. Buying a membership allows you to purchase reduced-fees on all of our products and services.

Do you attend meetings in person?

No. We are a national organization and cannot attend your meeting in person. We can, however, attend via Zoom or on the phone. We have assisted people from all 50 states, US territories, and overseas military bases.

When is payment for advocacy services due?

When you hire one of our advocates, the advocate will communicate with you  about your case and after determining how long it will take to review your documents, the advocate will communicate with our billing department who will send you an invoice for that amount. You will receive an email with the invoice that details the cost breakdown. Often, first-time clients will be billed for 2-5 hours of records review depending on how many documents there are. *NOTE: this is typical and your case may be different.

Once your invoice is paid, your advocate will set up a time with you to discuss your case and the results of the records review.

For IEP meetings, you will be billed for the anticipated time for the meeting. Our advocates would prefer to under report so that a refund will not have to be sent. The invoice must be paid at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the meeting. If, within 24 hours of the meeting, we have not received payment, our billing department will inform the advocate that the invoice has not been paid, and the advocate will assume you no longer need an advocate and will not attend the meeting.

If the meeting runs longer, an amended invoice will be sent and we ask that you pay it promptly so the advocate can be paid the full amount owed.


Why do I have to prepay for services?

Too often, we have had advocates show up to meetings prior to being paid, and after the meeting, the parent will not make a payment and the advocate will not be paid for services. We just want to make sure our advocates are paid for the wonderful services they provide.

FAQs about Membership

Why should I buy a membership to PASEN?

Advocacy services are only offered to paying members. 


What's the difference between the Membership tiers?

Bronze members can receive Bronze-level services for $35/hour.

Silver members can receive Bronze-level services for $35/hour and Silver-level services for $60/hour.

Gold members can receive Bronze-level services for $35/hour, silver for $60, and Gold services for $85/hour. The only Gold Member service at this time is helping with filing Due Process. However, we cannot represent you in the Due Process hearing as we are not lawyers. 

I just spent $150 for a membership. Why am I getting an invoice for services?

Membership gives you the ability to receive services at a reduced rate. Buying a membership is not the same as receiving services.