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Top 10 Advocacy Tips

When it comes to advocating for your child, let’s face it, it can be overwhelming to someone who is just finding out that the child they love needs extra help in school. We have provided a list of what we think are the Top Ten things you should know if you want to be an effective advocate for your child. Check out number 5. It is such an important component in making sure that your child gets the most appropriate education allowed by law. Read more…

Top 10 Advocacy Tips

To be the most effective advocate possible, there is a lot of learning that needs to happen. First, there are a lot of educational-specific words that are used. If you can understand what those terms mean and how to use them with the education professionals you come into contact with, you will seem more authoritative and the team is more likely to take you seriously. This is the first in a three-part series that will teach you all the important jargon that you want to be familiar with before taking that first step into the school. Read more…

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