With your free membership, you receive the following services:

FREE Services

When you sign up with PASEN.org, you will enjoy the benefits of these services and products. For bigger discounts and more comprehensive services, consider signing up for a paid membership. Our paid memberships begin at $35 / year.

The PASEN Observer

Our monthly newsletter will give you information specific to the exceptional student community. Every month, you will receive stories about special education and gifted trends.

Online Community

Our exclusive community is perfect to connect with people in the exceptional student community. Share content and interact with people from around the world.

Monthly ZOOM Meetings

At least once a month, our advocates host an online ZOOM meeting where they will answer your questions and give you specific tips to help you in your IEP process. You’ll get access to these valuable meetins for just $5/session.

15-minute Phone Consultation

If you have a quick question or need some fast guidance, you can call one of our experienced advocates and receive a consultation up to 15 minutes free of charge. When your 15 minutes have elapsed, you can continue your consultation at $125/hour.

ALL Advocacy Services at FULL PRICE

You are eligible to receive all of PASEN’s excellent advocate services for a low price of $125. Even at full price, you’ll find that our services are far less expensive than many other advocates.

These include:


-IEP/504 Coaching


-Records Review

-Consultations longer than 15 minutes

-Attend IEP Meetings

-File State Complaints

-Assit with Due Process

Silver Services

When you sign up as a Silver member, you will receive all the benefits of a free membership and a bronze membership at the same low prices. You will also receive Silver servies for $60/hour

Attend IEP Meetings

Our advocate will join you virtually via phone, ZOOM, or Meet. Your personal advocate will help you during your meeting to make sure that your child gets the servives that he/she requires and is entitled to under the law. 

State Complaint

Sometimes the school or district has done something that requires you to file a state complaint. Our advocates can help you format your state complaint so you have a better chance of getting the result you are looking for. This may include writing emails or writing letters to your state department of education asking for services or compensation for missed services.

Bronze Services

When you sign up as a bronze member, you will recive all the benefits of a Free membership which includes:

-The PASEN Observer Newsletter

-Access to our online community

-Access to monthly ZOOM meetings FOR FREE

-15-minute Phone Consultation

Access to PASEN blog

The PASEN blog offers information about many topics of interest to the exceptional student community. The blog is the place you will go if you ever need any information


Our knowledgeable advocates can find the information you are needing that is speific to your needs and your state, but that research takes time. You will be charged $35/hour to do research on your case and give you the information you will need to best help you in whatever way we can.

IEP/504 Coaching

Our advocates will explain in detail how the IEP/504 process works and offer advice about what to say in your child’s IEP meeting. Our information is based on the law and guidance from the government and district entities. We will advise you on what to say and when to say it so you can advocate for your child successfully.


We can write emails to the school/district on your behalf or we can format an email template that you can use for your specific case that will help you in the IEP/504 process. 

Records Review

If you provide us with any school or educational testing results, we will review these records and offer our opinion about what to do in your situation. Our advocates can interpret assessment and psychometric testing results to give you a better overall picture of what your child needs in an educational setting. 

Phone Consultation

If you need educational advice, you can make an appointment to speak directly with one of our advocates. Many questions can be answered with a simple phone call and a description of your situation. Our advocates can evaluate your situation and give you the best advice moving forward. 

Gold Services

When you sign up as a Gold member, you will receive all the benefits of a free membership, a bronze membership, and a silver membership at the same low prices. You will also receive Gold servies for $85/hour

Assist with Due Process

We cannot represent you in a court as none of our advocates practice law, but we can guide you and help lead you in what to say if you face a judge in a due process case. Due process cases are very complex and have specific procedures and policies that must be followed if you have a chance to win. We will help guide you through those procedures and help you to feel confident to advocate for your own child.