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Volunteer Opportunities

Social Media

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Director is in charge of all other social media content team members. You will be responsible for approving all content generated for social media outlets. Must be familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Social Media Team

The Social Media Team member will promote AESA in various social media venues. You may choose to create or promote previously-created content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or multiple platforms. 


Writers will create special education-specific content for various platforms including AESA’s blog. 

Blog Coordinator

This position will book bloggers as guests to share informaton on AESA’s blog. Will coordinate with the Podcast Coordinator to create a calendar of topics that are relevant to the month.

Podcast Coordinator

This position will book bloggers and podcast content creators as guests to share informaton on AESA’s various online platforms. Will coordinate with the Blog Coordinator to create a calendar of topics that are relevant to the month.

Copy Editor/ Proofreader

Editors and proofreaders are responsible for making sure all content created for AESA is grammatically correct and free from errors. 

Content Manager

This position is responsible for creating content to be used exclusively by AESA. Promotional pictures, memes, group posts, etc.


Programs Director

The Programs Director is responsible for ensuring that all programs run smoothly. All other program directors will report to the Programs Director for final approval. The programs Director reports directly to the Chief Operations Officer.

Fundraising Manager

The Fundraising Manager is responsible for creating fundraising campaigns to be used on various platforms. Knowledge of Facebook fundraising is a plus.

Assistive Tech Rental Manager

The AT Rental Manager is responsible for ensuring that our AT Rental Program runs smoothly. Coordinate between the renter and AESA to create invoices, manage billing, shipping and receiving of inventory. Also responsible for ensuring that all inventory is functional and ready to be rented by our customers.

YEP Manager

The YEP (Young Entrepreneuer Program) Manager is responsible for coordinating between the young entrepreneurs (Yeppies) and the business working with them to create their platform. The YEP Manager will work with the Social Media Director to create cohesive online campaigns for our Yeppies.

REED Scholarship Manager

The REED Scholarship Manager will be responsible for collecting REED Scholarship Applications and helping the CEO to choose recipients of the REED Scholarship. The Scholarship manager will coordinate with the bookkeeper to ensure that 30% of all membership revenue is transferred to the REED Scholarship Acount. The REED Scholarship Manager will also coordinate with the client’s lawyer to ensure that funds are transferred to the appropriate lawyer.

Membership Manager

The Membership Manager is responsible for maintaining membership accounts. Creating, deleting, and upgrading memberships. The membership manager may also be responsible for designing and implementing discounts and promotional codes depending on season or holiday. 

Volunteer Manager

The Volunteer Manager is responsible for coordinating volunteers for AESA. The volunteer Manager will assess current volunteer needs and creating volunteer positions, filling those needed positions, and maintaining working orders for all AESA volunteers

Multicultural Communications Manager

The Multicultural Communications Manager is responsible for disseminating information from communication both print and online streams in a multitude of languages. Will work closely with Content Manager and other departments to ensure that communication is clear and precise in a varity of languages.

EESA Convention

EESA Director

This person is responsible for ensuring that the yearly Empowering Exceptional Students of America Special Education Homeschool Convention (EESA) runs smoothly and all participants, vendors, speakers, and sponsors are supported before, during, and after the event.

Marketing Director

This person is responsible for marketing the Convention. Through our online entities, social media outlets, print, and other venues, the Marketing Director is in charge of advertising the event to participants and to potential vendors.

Participant Experience Manager

This person will be responsible for ensuring that participants to the EESA Convention have a memrable experience. The manager will work with the EESA team to think of engaging activities that will make our convention more enjoyable and more successful for vendors and sponsors. 

Class/ Workshop Manager

This person will be responsible for finding quality speakers and workshop leaders who fit in with the current theme of the event. The Class manager will work with the EESA team to coordinate classroom meeting times, locations, logistics, and marketing for each class. 

Volunteer Manager

This person will be responsible for coordinating and assigning volunteer roles at the EESA Convention. Selection of volunteers, assigning tasks, determining schedules, and operations while at the event will all be coordinated by the Volunteer Manager.

Vendor Outreach

The Vendor Outreach team will be responsible for communicating with vendors who have already signed up as well as potential vendors. This person will work with the director to place all vendors and sponsors in appropriate booths, coordinatging schedules, and assisting vendors at the event. Vendor outreach will also ensure that vendors at the event are supported and have their needs met.

Other Opportunities

Website Maintenance Technician

The website maintenance Tech will keep the AESA web precence up to date with relevant content. This person will update content appropriate to season or activity. Must have experience with WordPress and Divi. In addition, ensuring that the website remains SEO compliant is a must. 

Special Education Parent Advocates

An AESA advocate will assist parents of students with special needs navigate the special education process. Advocates will communicate with clients and determine the best course of action given the information presented. Advocates must have experience with the special eucation process and be conversant with special education law in whichever state they perform advocacy services. We will provide training if necessary. Advocates will meet weekly with the Advocate Coordinator.

Facebook Group Moderator

AESA runs several Facebook groups. Our largest group contains 8400+ participants. The moderator’s role is to ensure that all members of the group are complying with group rules and norms. Moderators will be responsible for redirecting members who are acting inappropriately as well as removing members who are not adhering to the group rules and standards. Moderators are also responsible for sharing relevant content to the group.

Board Members

Board Members will be in charge of making executive decisions for the organization. Members will meet on a quarterly basis with the executive team to discuss the adherance to the company vision and mission as well as ensuring that all programs are solvant and working properly. Board members are in charge of making recommendations to the executive committee for changes to corporate operations. Board Members are responsible for raising funds for the Association. ALL BOARD MEMBERS MUST HAVE A CHILD WITH A DISABILITY!

Administrative Assistant

AESA needs volunteers who can type, email, communicate, set schedules, book appointments, answer phone calls, redirect various clients to specific offices or personnel and most other typical administrative assistant duties.


The bookkeeper is responsible for the day-to-day financials of AESA. Checking on new memberships via our website and making sure all transactions are processed correctly. This person is also in charge of making sure all accounts are balanced and accurate before the information is handed to the accountant for processing with the IRS. Work closely with the accountant to ensure that all transactions are accurate and timely.